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City of a Thousand Dolls Cover Design Challenge by melpk City of a Thousand Dolls Cover Design Challenge by melpk
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Firstly, I'd just like to indicate that the colors don't look the same at all in this picture as they do normally.

This is a last-minute entry to Miriam Forster's City of a Thousand Dolls contest [link] When I first saw that she was giving away an ARC of her novel, I was slightly interested in participating; but as I have little Photoshop talent, I put it off...and off...again and again, until now, two days away from the (cough...extended) deadline. In fact, I wouldn't have done it at all, except that I was inspired by ~Eltasia's new photograph. Isn't it so cool?

Also, I didn't really know much about what the book was about, so how was I supposed to make a cover that looked any different than the official one? It only just occurred to me that she probably had a book synopsis on her blog... :faint:

AND this is a GREAT way to procrastinate on my own writing ^^;

So, the final product of this... doesn't really match expectations. But then there are aspects that I never planned when I started. Because I suck at Photoshop (would've had to use stock images) and enjoy papercrafting, anyway, I chose to craft the design out of paper. I had an Exacto-blade. I could do this.

Of course, I was planning on going to the gym today. So much for that.

Because I was using paper, I could only work with the colors I had in my inventory... and then I made it more difficult by choosing only to use paper that had already been half-used, so as not to waste paper. This cut my color choices down a lot. I also like to conserve paper, because for something like my minions ([link]), I run out of black VERY quickly. But usually I can avoid that problem with a black Sharpie - on red paper, of course, because I have LOADS of red paper (dear all you paper packagers: why do you pack so much RED into the stacks of prepackaged paper?).

Problem #1: My black Sharpie is slowly quickly dying. :cry:
Problem #2: The first time I used my Exactoblade, the tip broke, so it's much duller than it should be.
Problem #4: Elmer's Glue does NOT always dry clear.
Problem #5: The glitter paper (on the letters) does not look as effective as I thought it would. I suspect this is because of the color of the background, which is the same color I used to make Squirtle [link] and Bulbasaur [link]
Problem #6: My "house" logos didn't turn out to look anything nearly like the originals as they should have. Stupid Exactoblade.
Problem #7: My scanner isn't picking up the right colors. (Or scanning it as a readable file type...)
Problem #8: Why do the letters look pink? They're supposed to be darker red.
Problem #9: I don't have Photoshop on this computer.
Problem #10: To resize it I had to shrink it and reduce the quality, because I no longer have a decent editing program with my laptop.
Problem #11: Handwritten text may be acceptable on a quote wall (which I've been preparing for my dorm in the fall), but not really for a cover. Or a contest. Especially when the Sharpie is drying up.

Regardless, I am quite proud of the fur stretching out into the logos - and, as an added bonus, it looks like fire! :yay:
Although, it looks like I used three different fonts and there's just a lot going on. This is why I'm not a graphic designer.
In addition to my lacking ability to draw.
Overall, I don't really like how it came out. I think the worst part is the apparent brightness of the background.
UGH. I just hate how bright the background scanned. And I can't even fix it because I don't have any photo editing tools here.
I was hoping it would come out similar to my Night piece, but I guess not. Oh well. It's just a contest. The most I can hope for is a few books.
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June 28, 2012
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